The ClarkSwap Token is sister token to Bose.Finance Token.Both tokens will be available on both the Bose Refill app and the ClarkSwap App.

Both projects will make each other stronger and bring value to the communities.

The ClarkSwap Airdrop is available for $BOSE HODLERS.

To be eligible Bose HODLERS should hold at least 20 BOSE for 2 weeks prior to the ClarkSwap presale.

10% of the Total Supply of ClarkSwap will go to the Airdrop.

The amount of ClarkSwap Airdrop each BOSE Hodler receives will be directly proportional to the amount of $BOSE they HODL.



We will develop a mobile and web app where users can use Bose.Finance Token to

  • Buy gift cards
  • Recharge their phones
  • Purchase favorite vouchers with Bose Finance Token and other Cryptocurrencies.
  • Pay for mobile app Taxi Services using Bose.Finance Token.



Bose.Finance did X20

Hey y’all

We did the Presale and listed Bose.Finance Token.

Already did X20.We are in for X50 in the coming week.

Find us on our official Platforms

BSC Contract:


Total Supply: 10,000 BOSE
Burned: 66.1849% — 6,120.144212011 #BOSE
Liquidity: 7.1347% — 659.750227196 #BOSE
Investors: 25% — 3,221 #BOSE
Get the info from




Liquid locked Forever

Ownership Renounced:

Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing already applied.Waiting for listing now!



We applied for both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap listing on Monday 1st March,2021.

We have since received feedback that they are working on the listing and Bose.Finance shall be listed soon on their platforms.



An BEP20 Token With Passive Yield Generation & Instant Token Burns! Each transaction attracts a 2% fee.1% for buy back and burn.1% for distribution to token holders.

Q~ What problem will BOSE FINANCE solve in the block chain industry that any other similar projects have not solved, how do you plan stay relevant in the industry?


1. We want to do away with rug pulls and scams and stay open to investors and the community at large. We kept our word: Listed the project, burned unsold tokens, renounced contract ownership and locked liquidity for ever.

2. Investors can bet on Bose Finance team that we will NEVER abandon the project like other projects keep doing. We are here with the project as long as Crypto Remains.

3. We will keep innovating the project so HODLERS and the community can have huge returns for their investments.



Bose Finance

Bose Finance

x3 Moon Mission - Periodic Burns and Passive Yield Farming!